What you need to create this fishing cookie set.

If the man in your life is an avid fisherman, you have to make him this set of cookies.
I totally forgot to add a fish to this set, so if I was you I would definitely add a trout or any other fish.
When we create a set of decorated cookies at The Biscuit Studio, we often get asked what we used, colours, stencils, cutters etc   In this post we’ll be sharing all the products that are needed to recreate this fishing set. Each item used has a link to that specific product.

Lets start at the biscuit base

Firstly I use our non – stick rolling pin and guides (the yellow ones are the perfect height) to get an evenly rolled out piece of dough.  I place the cut out biscuits on our new ‘no bubbles mat’ this mat helps achieve a smooth biscuit. Also read through our blog post ‘getting the perfect base‘. if you are battling to get a perfect biscuit base.

The cutters 
Fishing vest cookie cutter
Fishing hat cookie cutter
Wooden sign cookie cutter
Dad cookie cutter (with stencil) 
Fishing net cookie cutter
Fish cookie cutter

The stencils (& airbrushing) 
Once you have flooded all your biscuits and the icing is dry, you can airbrush the detail on. Use a stencil buddy to hold the stencil in place.  I airbrushed the fishing vest and hat with the thin hessian stencil using Cake Flora leaf green airbrush colour, with this stencil you need to lay it one way and then criss cross it the other way, to get the hessian effect.  On the wooden sign I airbrushed with Cake Flora chocolate brown airbrush colour and used the woodgrain stencil. If you are unfamiliar with airbrushing we have a lovely blog post running through Tips on using an airbrush machine.
Add ‘gone fishing’ with the gone fishing stencil, this has been done with a peanut butter consistency royal icing which is quite thick, scrap it across using a scrapper cut out of an ice cream lid (we love using recycled material)
On the fishing net I used the woodgrain stencil on the handle and the net background stencil for the net.

Other tools that you may need
Scribe needle
Royal icing & biscuit recipe
Use Cake Flora gel colours to colour your royal icing
Cake Flora chocolate brown gel 
Cake Flora super red gel
Cake Flora avocado green gel
Cake Flora ivory gel
TMP silver lustre dust 
Stencil buddy

Happy baking & biscuit making…..