What you need to recreate this rainbow & unicorn set of cookies

What little girl doesn’t love rainbows and unicorns.  This is a very popular set of cookies, perfect for any birthday or special occasion.
When we create a set of decorated cookies at the Biscuit Studio, we often get asked what we used, colours, stencils, cutters etc   In this post we’ll be sharing all the products that are needed to recreate this rainbow & unicorn set. Each item used has a link to that specific product.

Lets start at the biscuit base

Firstly I use our non – stick rolling pin and guides (the yellow ones are the perfect height) to get an evenly rolled out piece of dough.  I place the cut out biscuits on our new ‘no bubbles mat’ this mat helps achieve a smooth, bubble free biscuit. . Also read through our blog post ‘getting the perfect base‘. if you are battling to get a perfect biscuit base. Purchase our biscuit & royal icing recipe online too

What cutters you’ll need, I’ve added extra cutters from this theme
Jumping unicorn cutter
Cute unicorn face cutter 
Rainbow and cloud cutter
Puffy cloud cutter
Balloon cutter
Unicorn horn cutter
Unicorn head cutter
Unicorn body cutter
Cloud & rainbow (2 clouds) cutter
Boho rainbow cutter
Shooting star cutter

What gel colours I used
Brilliant pink gel (add ivory gel colour to soften the pink)
Bright white gel
Super black gel

What other cookie tools I used
Fine black non-toxic pen
TMP gold lustre dust
Edible glitter
Fine paint brush
Rolkem blush powder
Ateco star nozzle tip for the mane of the unicorn
Small couplers – Holds the nozzle tip in place
Durable piping bags
Acrylic square turntable – Very useful when you need to get to the certain parts of your cookie
Scribe needle – This helps distribute the icing around the cookie
A great place to start if you are a beginner is to purchase our ‘Cookie starter kit

What stencils I used used
Floating dots stencil
Numbers stencil set
Stencil buddy (holds the stencil in place)
Airbrush compressor
Scraper – Follow HERE to find out how to make a scraper
Rainbow stencils 

Follow our blog post on using a dehydrator to dry your icing on your cookies… HERE 

Happy baking and biscuit making

Ashleigh xx